USA supreme court rules employers can not discriminate against LGBTQ+ workers

The Supreme Court just handed a massive win for the LGBTQ+ community. after ruling federal law protects gay and transgender people from workplace discrimination.

Chief Justice John Roberts, another conservative, was also in the majority, along with the court's four liberals.

LGBT+ advocacy groups welcomed the decision as an important step in protecting gay and trans workers, more than half of whom live in states without explicit workplace protections, leaving them vulnerable to harassment or firing without legal recourse. A ruling on similar protections for transgender people is expected soon.

"In Title VII, Congress adopted broad language mak- ing it illegal for an employer to rely on an employee's sex when deciding to fire that employee", Gorsuch wrote in the majority opinion. But the question in these cases is not whether discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity should be outlawed.

The White House had no immediate comment.

In Bostock, child welfare advocate Gerald Bostock was sacked after he began participating in a gay softball league, resulting in disparaging comments from influential members of the community.

In a 6-3 decision it said federal law, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, should be understood to include sexual orientation.

Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh argued in a separate dissent that there are good policy arguments to amend Title VII to protect discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but the question is for Congress to decide.

"That's what Justice Gorsuch did", he continued. "Sex plays a necessary and undisguisable role in the decision, exactly what Title VII forbids", justice Neil Gorsuch wrote.

"I am sincerely grateful to the Supreme Court, my attorneys, advocacy organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, and every person who supported me on this journey". Transgender people, he wrote, will now "be able to argue that they are entitled to use" bathrooms and locker rooms reserved for one gender. "It doesn't matter if other factors besides the plaintiff's sex contributed to the decision".

Don Zarda was working as a skydiving instructor in Central Islip when he was sacked from his job in 2010 after telling a female customer he was gay.

Stephens made national headlines when she said she was sacked from her job at metro Detroit-based RG & GR Funeral Homes in 2013 after coming out as transgender.

"No trans people and no lesbian or gay people can ever be fired or discriminated against for being gay or transgender - that's the immutable law of the land now", said Vandy Beth Glenn, a trans woman fired in 2007 when she came out as trans.

If a male employee and a female employee are both attracted to men, but only the male employee is fired because of that attraction, the employer intentionally singles out the male employee in part because of the employee's sex, Gorusch said. "By discriminating against transgender persons, the employer unavoidably discriminates against persons with one sex identified at birth and another today".

Trump's administration last week issued a rule that would lift anti-discrimination protections for transgender people in healthcare.

The decision was hailed by many Democratic leaders, including Pete Buttigieg, the former Army officer and mayor who became the first openly gay person to run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The court also chose on Monday to toss out a dozen gun rights cases, which sought to overturn a slew of state-level firearms restrictions, including magazine capacity limits and handgun carry bans.