U.S. prosecutor steps down, ending standoff with A-G

The standoff, however, caused Barr to replace Berman with Deputy U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss, who has overseen Trump-related investigations, as interim U.S. attorney rather than Craig Carpenito, the current U.S. attorney for New Jersey.

A spokesman for Nadler confirmed to the outlet that the subpoena would be issued if Barr does not agree to voluntarily testify next week.

"I calling for a three-pronged investigation into the Friday night massacre that occurred in the Justice Department with relationship to the Southern District of NY, and I'm asking Mr. Berman to voluntarily come and testify to the Congress, so we know exactly what has happened", said Schumer. Attorney General Barr is working on that.

That announcement left Mr. Clayton's nomination for the SDNY role in serious doubt. Trump later denied that he had anything to do with the move.

One of Berman's final acts was to refuse to sign onto a letter criticizing New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for allowing massive police reform protests even though he had cracked down in April on a group of thousands of mourners at a funeral for a Hasidic leader whose death was reportedly linked to the coronavirus, the people said. The inauguration probe likely "goes very far and wide", says Jed Shugerman, professor at Fordham University School of Law, "and many of us have been wondering what has been going on for the last 15 months since Mueller wound his investigation down". On Monday, he also seemed to swerve from committing to another fight over a contempt resolution, suggesting lawmakers could vote to "eliminate his office budget" instead. "There are a number of things we can do, which we will do".

'He certainly deserves impeachment. "But they are a waste of time at this point, because we know that we have a corrupt Republican majority in the Senate, which will not consider an impeachment no matter what the evidence and no matter what the facts".

"It was immediately clear to anyone who knows anything about this world that he had not made a decision to step down, that he had been shown the door", she said.

This episode deepened tensions between the Justice Department and congressional Democrats, who have accused Barr of politicizing the agency and acting more like Trump's personal lawyer than the country's chief law enforcement officer.

Some of the committee members echoed Nadler's calls after the firing of Berman. Maddow followed up. Barr defied a House subpoena in 2019 that was aimed at probing his pre-emptive four-page press release summation of the Mueller report, which Democrats claims grossly misrepresented the investigation's true findings.

Barr waited until midafternoon Saturday to respond in a way that mimicked what happened to Bharara.

The Department of Justice originally agreed to let Barr to testify before the committee on March 31 but that hearing was put off because of the pandemic.

In his Monday letter, Schumer asked DOJ IG Michael Horowitz and OPR Director Jeffrey Ragsdale to investigate the real reason (s) for Berman's removal, saying the events that unfolded suggested Trump was attempting to manipulate ongoing criminal investigations.

"Whatever the answer is, [Geoffrey] Berman himself was persuaded that the president, by some means, could force him out and so late on Saturday night after resisting the attorney general's efforts to get him to leave voluntarily, he did leave voluntarily".