Tom Cruise, NASA planning to film a movie in space

Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Which is why we're barely surprised that a Tom Cruise space movie now in development may actually be shot in outer space.

Musk and SpaceX have yet to confirm their involvement in the film venture, but Musk responded to Bridenstine's tweet to say the project "should be a lot of fun".

A spokesperson for NASA detailed that Tom Cruise will be trained and ready to be launched into space, where he will stay aboard the station which orbits over 400 kilometres above the Earth, where rotating crews of astronauts have been living for twenty years.

Deadline reports the new project is not part of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, which helped Cruise earn a reputation for death-defying stunts. Several well-heeled space tourists have visited the station over the years as well.

Details about the upcoming movie are unknown, but fans can expect to see Cruise break new ground in the film industry by being the first actor to shoot a film in outer space.

However, it could be Luna Park, a Doug Liman sci-fi adventure film under development.

And, presumably, the film will be shot inside one of SpaceX's spacecraft. Knowing Cruise, he'll want to film inside and out of the confines of ISS.

"If there's an actor that's going to be the first actor in space practically, it's Tom, or it's's [James] Cameron, Chris Nolan, or Tom".

It's unclear how Cruise will pull off this feat, but, even at 57, he's insisted on doing his own stunts, including a freefall at 200 miles per hour in 2018's "Mission: Impossible - Fallout".

He also performed unsafe stunts on high-rise buildings, such as jumping across rooftops and climbing skyscrapers.