Swarms of desert locusts reach Delhi outskirts

In an advisory, issued by the Delhi development commissioner, residents were told to distract the locusts by beating drums and utensils, bursting firecrackers, playing music on high volume and burning neem leaves.

Delhi's worldwide airport, which borders Gurugram - home to some of the world's top corporations - has asked pilots to take extra precautions during takeoff and landing due to the locusts, Reuters partner ANI reported.

Alarmed at the invasion of the locusts, which settled on trees, rooftops and plants, many residents of Gurugram shared videos from their high-rise perches. Locust menace in several UP districtsSwarms of locusts have invaded several districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Deoria, in the past 48 hours and attacked trees and crops, officials said Saturday, adding authorities were taking steps to either chase them away or kill them. "This is a way to ward them off. the government will issue an advisory on this", Mr Rai said after the meeting.

"This is a small swarm that has come to Delhi, but we are monitoring the situation".

New Delhi missed the swarm due to the direction of the wind, stated the Centre's Locust Warning Organization. Currently, Delhi airport is operational and all flight movements are as per schedule, an airport official said.

The last time Kapur saw a swarm in the city was at least 40 years ago, he said. "Night spray of Melathion or Chloropyriphos is useful".

According to CNN, state officials are using tractor-mounted sprayers and 20 fire engines across 11 districts to spray water and pesticides.

"The swarms moved from west to east".

"It may go towards Jhajjar or Gurugram". "One is heading towards Delhi from the railway station and sector 4 to 5". "As of now, no locust swarms are spotted in any city areas", it said. The district agriculture officer of Chitrkoot, Dharmendra Awasthi, said that swarms of locusts reached Aujhar, Sariya, Chibau, Naandi and other villages but the farmers were vigilant.

Morning visuals from Gurugram showed locusts flying. The Agricultural Department has also alerted its employees to spread awareness about the locust attack.

A month ago too Haryana had issued a high alert after locust swarm had attacked crops in neighbouring Rajasthan and a few other states, but luckily the insects had moved away from the state.