Mail-in vote deluge tests elections in Kentucky, New York

In order to ensure ballots are mailed to the proper address, I am also asking all voters to verify their voter registration now at and make any updates to their registration at (and please include a good email address to receive updates and elections reminders closer to November).

Political consultant Alan Novak, former chairman of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee, said he suspects both parties will encourage mail-in balloting as they mount a growing effort to tap every resource available to boost voter turnout in November. They mentioned we're going to sanitize your pen, that type of thing. Voters are really happy.

"We're operating in a big world of unknown in elections this year because of COVID-19", Connie Schmidt, Johnson County Election commissioner, said.

By midday, lines in Lexington stretched for about an hour, according to local media reports and voters who posted about their wait times on social media.

Attorneys for State Rep. Charles Booker's U.S. Senate campaign on Tuesday evening filed a petition requesting an injunction from Jefferson Circuit Court to extend voting hours until 9 the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Chicago voters who participated in the 2018 general election, the 2019 municipal elections or the March 2020 primary are set to get applications to vote by mail in the mail in late July, officials said.

On Tuesday, a similar scenario is expected to play out in Kentucky and NY, where officials have already announced that some results will not be available for as long as a week.

Kentucky's consolidation from 3,700 polling places to less than 200, including just one in the state's two largest cities, led to concerns of a suppressed Black vote, including from national figures such as Hillary Clinton, NBA star LeBron James and Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia gubernatorial candidate.

"For hours, we've been hearing reports that people are stuck in hour-long lines to park their auto before they can vote", said Colin Lauderdale, Rep. His campaign organized free Lyft rides to the polls.

Across South Carolina, election officials put contingencies into place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 among voters.

"We spent several weeks negotiating. Like I live in the White House, and if I can't get to Florida, or you live wherever you live, and you can't".

"They're going to lose the election and I think they're going to claim fraud", said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, when asked about the claims by CNN. "This Triple Crown of voting options wins against the pandemic's risk of disenfranchising the Kentucky voter".

A new state law created to significantly expand voting by mail during the Nov. 3 election is expected to cause a flood of ballots to be cast in the November election, which comes during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the big NY and Kentucky contests, Democrats were watching whether nationwide protests sparked by last month's killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police would translate to a decisive turnout by African American and progressive voters. That combination has led to long lines, delays and confusion during primaries in other states, including Wisconsin and Georgia, offering a preview of possible problems if the November 3 general election is conducted under the threat of Covid-19 infections.