IPhone, Watch Users Can Soon Unlock Cars with Digital Keys

Yesterday at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, BMW and Apple also announced a new feature for CarPlay users.

1 of the new attributes of iOS 14, which will also be offered to iOS 13 customers, is CarKey.

The new BMW Digital Key will lock and unlock the auto - and also start the vehicle. The driver can just tap the vehicle to unlock it and once in the vehicle, put the phone in the charging tray and start it. Users can then place the iPhone in the smartphone tray and push the engine start / stop button to start the vehicle. The Digital Key menu also allows you to delete users you no longer want to give access to, and limit access for specific users - the top speed, power and radio volume can all be limited, which could be handy if you're entrusting your vehicle to a younger driver.

Which cars and SUVs will be compatible with Apple CarKey?


Unlock your car with digital keys
BMW will be one of the first Automobile companies to support this feature. Pixabay

Owners can get their Digital Key set up through the BMW Smartphone App. However, this feature will not work in case the phone is switched off manually.

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Having successfully replaced automaker's navigation systems and music players, Apple wants to replace the auto key, which has grown in size from just a key to a small intelligent device over the past 20 years. Its members include major automakers and tech companies such as Apple, BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Samsung and Volkswagen. For now, the feature uses the NFC chip in your iPhone and the auto to connect and unlock it. The company is also working to make the same feature possible without taking the phone out of your pocket or bag. "Digital vehicle keys can be easily shared using Messages, or disabled through iCloud if a device is lost, and are available starting this year through NFC", states Apple Newsroom. You have the usual stuff like new CarPlay apps, and new wallpapers. While this feature is already available in a few vehicles globally, it has been introduced for the first time for Apple devices.