French climber Douady dies in fall aged 16

Luce Douady died after a tragic fall from a cliff in France on Sunday, the French Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (FFME) confirmed in a statement via its website on June 16.

"At only 16, the future was before her", said Pierre-Henri Paillasson, national technical director of the French climbing federation.

Douady was seen as one of the brightest young talents in climbing, a sport which will be introduced to the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

"This awful news has had a huge impact on her training partners, her coaches and her club, Chambéry Escalade", the FFME statement read in part. "But now the whole federation is in mourning", the climbing federation said. The climber performs on small rock formations or climbing walls and doesn't use safety equipment like ropes or harnesses. - The athlete came in 3rd at the European Difficulty Championship 2019; was world champion of young boulders in 2019 at Arco (in Italy); and finished 5th at the end of the first stage of the World Cup of boulders in Vail that same year, according to FFME.

The climbing world has come together to mourn Douady

Douady's climbing club paid tribute on its Facebook page to a "young woman full of energy, passions and talents".

"Luce Douady left us yesterday", reads the statement.

She was "brilliant in competition", the FFME said.

The Chambery club paid tribute on its Facebook page to a "young woman full of energy, passion and talent" who was "a attractive person". Sport climbing was going to debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games before it was delayed to next year because of the coronavirus.