Clashes break out at BLM protests in Paris, London

"I wasn't thinking, I was just thinking of you know a human being on the floor, it wasn't going to end well had we not intervened".

The dramatic rescue was captured on film on Saturday as far-right activists turned out for a counter-demo after statues of historic figures had been vandalised during BLM protests.

Organizers of last week's massive Black Lives Matter demonstration in London are planning a second rally demanding the defunding of the city's police department. "I scooped him up into a fireman's carry and marched him out with the guys around me, protecting me and shielding me and protecting this guy from getting any further punishment".

Black Lives Matter supporter Patrick Hutchinson was present in England's capital city on Saturday, where planned counter protests by groups which included white supremacists and Nazi sympathisers were taking place.

As Mr Hutchinson carried him through the packed street, some protesters continued to try and strike the injured man. "He was still receiving blows, you can feel people trying to hit him", Hutchinson told the network.

They said they wanted to protect monuments such as the one in Parliament Square depicting Sir Winston Churchill, which had been boarded up to prevent it being damaged.

In a statement on Sunday police said 113 people had been arrested over the weekend and 23 officers were injured in the violence, none of them seriously. 'His life was under threat.

Citing the act, Hutchinson told the channel that Floyd would have been alive today if other police officers around had intervened the way he and his friends did.

"I want to see equality for most people".

Speaking about the events leading up to the photo, Mr Hutchinson said: "We did what we had to do". Demonstrators waved signs with sayings like "Stop telling us to get over slavery. when you can't get over the Civil War", and many passersby honked their horns in support of the ongoing movement against recent police slayings of black Americans. I'm saving the man that's just about to get squashed up and beat up.