Border tension: Chinese military accuses Indian troops of provocative action, violating protocols

Chinese officials said that Indian troops had twice crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the de facto border, and launched an attack, triggering a fierce physical confrontation.

The Indian army said three soldiers died initially in Monday's clash. India must also not miscalculate the current situation, and not underestimate China's determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territory.

The overall situation on China-India border is "stable and controllable", said the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

In India, amid domestic expectations of a muscular response to China and a rise in nationalistic rhetoric against China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he wanted peace but maintained the "martyrdom" of Indian soldiers would not go in vain.

India blamed the clashes on "an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there", rebutting China's claims that Indian soldiers crossed the border.

On Tuesday, the Indian Army released an official statement stating that they firmly committed to protecting India's sovereignty.

They fought a brief war in 1962 and deadly clashes followed in 1967 but the last shot fired in anger was in 1975, when four Indians died.

It was also reported the Chinese military had held high-altitude infiltration exercises in the Tanggula Mountains in Tibet, a highly contested boundary.

China and India are trying to calm tensions after a deadly border dispute in the Himalayas.

"The Galwan area has now become a hotspot because it is where the LAC is closest to the new road India has built along the most remote and vulnerable area along the LAC in Ladakh", Ajai Shukla, an Indian military expert who served as a colonel in the army, told the BBC in May.

"We expect the same of the Chinese side", MEA Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said. Harbhajan Singh even lashed out at China and appealed to every Indian to boycott Chinese products.

Both sides gave competing versions of the violence. Though China has thus far stayed on mum on the number of casualties on its side, several reports suggest the number could be anywhere between 35 and 43.

In May, President Trump offered to "mediate or arbitrate" between the two countries, an offer rejected by both.

India and China are now holding talks to defuse the situation - senior military officers on Tuesday, after the incident.

Earlier today, China reiterated its claim that a recent military clash with India had occurred on Beijing's side of the LAC thus "the responsibility [of the clash] did not rest with China".

Equally, despite Delhi's public calls for easing tensions, leading Indian government figures have struck an aggressive tone, with Home Affairs Minister Amit Shah telling a rally of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) earlier this month that "any intrusion into the the borders of India will be punished".

A group of protesters gathered Wednesday near the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, India's capital, condemning the killing of the soldiers and demanding a ban on Chinese goods.

"Some used to say that U.S. and Israel were the only countries which were willing and capable of avenging every drop of the blood of their soldiers", Shah said.

Over the past few weeks, brawls have repeatedly broken out between Chinese and Indian soldiers stationed along the border, causing both sides to deploy additional troops to the area.